What tricks can you use to stop overeating?

What tricks can you use to stop overeating?

One of the problems many people face today is overeating. It makes them consume so much without being able to burn them out. The implication is that they become overweight, obese and are at risk of some diseases including heart diseases. Hence, it is important to identify ways and tricks that can help you stop overeating. Some of the things you can do to stop overeating are discussed subsequently.

Having a food journal

It has been proven that having a food journal can help you track the food you eat and also avoid overeating. When you track the food you eat, you become more aware of your meals and the number of calories you consume. You will subsequently know what food you can cut from your diet to avoid overeating and you will also get to know if you should step up exercising or your active lifestyle. You can also read Drinksupermarket reviews and other drinks delivery service reviews to get the contact of the companies that you want to be patronizing and put them on your food journal for easy access.

Eat regularly

You might be tempted to eat occasionally because you don’t want to overeat. If you do that, you will be at a disadvantage as you will eat when you are very hungry. You will end up eating too much. However, when you eat regular meals, you will be able to control the quantity. Hence, the best idea is to eat a small number of meals regularly.

Eat foods rich in fibre

There are many foods rich in fibre including fruits, oats, vegetables, and beans that you can eat to avoid overeating. They help you stay satisfied for a longer period and also help you fight the urge of eating too much.

Reduce stress

Another way to prevent yourself from overeating is by avoiding stress. When you are stressed, the cortisol level in your system increased. The hormone makes most people overeat. Hence, you should try to avoid stress as much as possible while identifying things that can make you relax.

Don’t eat from containers

Most items we buy come in different containers including cartons, plastics, and sachets among others. When we eat directly from the container, we might end up consuming the whole content even if we didn’t intend to initially. Hence, removing a little portion of the content into a different container will reduce the urge to overeat.

Consider using volumetrics

Volumetrics is a strategy whereby a person eats high fibre foods with low calorie such as non-starchy just before a meal. When they do this, they will already be almost filled up. Hence, by the time they are eating their main meal, they will only be able to eat a little quantity.

Don’t cut off all your favourite foods

When you completely cut out all your favourite foods from your diet, you might not be satisfied with what you are currently eating. The non-satisfaction can result in eating more, thereby consuming more calories or it could result in occasionally eating so much of your favourite food. Hence, as opposed to making up your mind never to eat your favourite chocolates and ice-cream, limit them to once in a while, maybe thrice in a week.

Know foods that trigger you to overeat

Certain foods trigger people to overeat. For instance, leaking sweets or chewing gum with menthol make some people hungry. Hence, they will look for something to eat and when it is not yet time for their next meal, they might opt for a snack or meat pie. To avoid this, you should identify foods that make you hungry or trigger you to overeat and try to avoid them. You should ensure you don’t stock up on such foods at home to reduce your chances of eating them regularly and follow through with the binge eating that follows.

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