Do’s And Don’ts After Breast Surgery

Do’s And Don’ts After Breast Surgery

If you are considering or have just undergone breast augmentation surgery, it’s likely that you are thinking about the recovery from the surgery and how it will impact your day-to-day life. Questions such as: Will I be able to shower normally? How soon can I go back to work? How much pain will there be?

The following article is a guide into what to do and what not to do following breast augmentation surgery Without properly researching how to take care of your body post-surgery, it’s possible that you could impact your recovery negatively.


Whilst it may be tempting to sport your fanciest new bra post-surgery, it is important to wear a compression bra because they keep your breasts in place, so the stitches/scars are not disturbed, and they heal properly.

Obviously, when it comes to breast implants, it also means a change in bra size. Whilst this provides an exciting opportunity for a shopping trip to go with your new look, so just make sure you’re wearing your compression bra until you’re fully healed – doing so will ensure that you require as little follow-up as possible.

Following on from this, this also means you should avoid going braless until at least six weeks after surgery. The tissue surrounding the healing wounds is weaker for up to six weeks after surgery and so the weight of your breasts could cause unnecessary pain and discomfort.


Whatever your regular exercise routine is in your daily life, it is important that you take your time when returning to your fitness schedule. Most doctors recommend returning to light cardio activities after two weeks, while most patients are able to return to normal exercise routines after six weeks. These durations may vary, so make sure you take your surgeon’s advice.

Bathing and Showering

Immediately after the surgery, it is important that you avoid baths and showers altogether, and use a sponge or flannel to bathe, ensuring to avoid your breasts entirely. It is important that you leave them alone until at least thirty-six hours after your surgery.

Once this time has passed and you’re ready to start showering, make sure you remove all dressings carefully, whilst leaving the sterilising dressings in place. Whilst showering take care to not overexert yourself and ensure you are using a sensitive soap with minimal chemicals. When reapplying the dressings, it might be handy to have someone helping you as it can be quite difficult by yourself.


As with most surgeries, rest is one of the most important factors to a quick and pain-free recovery. Plenty of rest is the easiest way to be certain that you’re removing all the possibilities of harming your recovery.

Make sure to lie on your back when resting, as your breasts are still settling into place after surgery and so lying on your side or stomach could displace your implants and cause discomfort to your healing wounds.

Those are just some of the do’s and don’ts for breast augmentation recovery. The most important thing is to discuss with your surgeon what is best for YOUR recovery.

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