Easy Tricks to Overcome Eyelashes that are Not Flattened and Not Thick

Easy Tricks to Overcome Eyelashes that are Not Flattened and Not Thick

Already often use an eyelash curler and mascara but your eyelashes look less flattened? In addition to the condition of the eyelashes are less good, some of the following may be the cause. Find out also how easy to overcome it to make eyelashes look more easily curved.

  1. Damp Eyelashes

On a hot day, of course, the face will be easy to be greasy with sweat. This condition tends to make the eyelashes so wet exposed sweat due to high humidity air. This could be one of the reasons why eyelashes look down and so it’s hard to clamp. Likewise with the condition of wet eyelashes after bathing or using a lot of skincare products, will make it difficult clamped. For more information, please visit Volume Eyelash Extension.

  1. Broken Eyelashes

Not only hair that can be damaged, eyelashes can also be damaged due to makeup products are used. Especially if you clamp eyelashes and wear mascara as well as fake eyelashes every day. Of course, this condition can make your eyelashes become less healthy, rough, and easy to fall out.

  1. Eyelash Curler is Too Old

Remember, when was the last time you bought it? If it has been too long used, the rubber part that is used to clamp your eyelashes will become slack and less sticky so less optimal work. If your eyelashes do not show any changes after wearing eyelash curler, maybe it’s time you bought a new one.

  1. Not Matching Your Shape

In order for eyelashes look tapering, of course, you need eyelash curler in accordance with the shape of your eyes. Shapes that do not fit will certainly make your eyelashes hard to pinch. Note also the quality when buying so as not to be easily damaged or sagging rubber.

  1. Pinching Too Hard

In order for eyelashes look tapering all day, maybe you never clamped as hard as possible until the eyes feel like pulled. This action actually endangers the health of your eyelashes and can make it more difficult to manage, so do not do this.

After knowing the cause now is the time to learn how to properly use an eyelash curler to appear always flickering.

  1. Warm First

Like a hair that is easy to styling with hot hair goggles, eyelashes too. Warm your eyelash curler with a hair dryer for a few seconds, then use it afterward. Use a cup with a narrow shape at the end and adjust the temperature to avoid burning your hand.

If the wet eyelashes are unruly, you can also dry them with a hairdryer for about 10 seconds. But remember, always give a considerable distance from the face and not too hot.

For Being 3 Stage

Eyelashes that look tap cannot be obtained in one clip but divided into 3 stages.

  1. Eyelashes close to the root with a little hard.
  2. Then move the eyelash curler forward to the center, the pin while reducing the pressure.
  3. Finally, clip at the very end of the eyelashes slowly.
  4. Do not Forget Base Mascara

Just like using a primer before wearing foundation for long-lasting results, you can also use base mascara or eyelash primer before wearing mascara for long lasting lashes. Choose products that contain special ingredients to treat the beauty of your eyelashes.

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