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How to Maintain a Harmonious Relationship Between Husband and Wife

How to Maintain a Harmonious Relationship Between Husband and Wife

The harmonious relationship between husband and wife is the ideal condition desired by each couple. Therefore, the knowledge of maintaining a harmonious husband and wife relationship is important considering that many couples complain that the marriage they feel feels bland.

Maintaining the integrity of a marriage is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, many obstacles must be overcome to keep a household ark. The following are some ways to maintain a husband and wife relationship:

1.    Mutual respect

The first thing that must be done by all couples in the world is mutual respect. Respect is one way you give the highest position after God and parents.

Respecting the existence of a husband or wife will make the couple feel valued. It doesn’t matter whether you are older or younger than your partner, the most important thing is that mutual respect between you and your partner must be created and maintained.

Maintaining your good name and your partner’s self-esteem is one of the ways of mutual respect.

2.    Communication

Discussing children’s education or finding ways to keep the kitchen steaming is normal for couples. But spending a lot of time chatting together fun and fun things …

Reduce stress with plants

Reduce stress with plants

One of the things that can help us eliminate stress is a plant, every human must have experienced stress. Conscious or unconscious, every day there is actually one or more things that block the mind and make the contents of the head becomes turbid. As a result, we often become a bit unstable and easily angry.

One of them is the room, yup, the room is stuffy or lack of air circulation was able to add a sense of stress to you. Maintaining plants indoors is one for you to increase oxygen production in the room, which inhaling fresh air can slowly lower your emotions and clear your mind.

Dracaena (Dracaena Fragrans)

Dracaena has a 94% good green content, where a lot of green content will produce a lot of oxygen as well. Dracaena will help keep the air circulation and make your room not feel stuffy.


The popularity of marijuana as a treatment for reducing stress has been known. Medical Cannabis also can reduce stress and relieve pain.

Jade Plant (Crassula Argentea)

Jade plant has a green content of up to 91%, so it will help your room circulation so as not to be stuffy and you can …

Common Causes Of Back Pain and How To Treat It

Common Causes Of Back Pain and How To Treat It

Back pain is not a rare occurrence. There are many reasons why you can gain back pain and most of them will be some that you can easily avoid. You might not think it but some of the main reasons why you gain back pain are developed from generic everyday activities and they can seriously affect the health of your spine. Straining and spraining your back from heavy lifting and accidents are also common causes.

Not Working Your Core

Core exercises can be performed just about anywhere, they don’t necessarily have to be performed in the gym because they don’t require weights. Although they relate to working your abdominal muscles, they’re components of many other parts of the body too. They’re composed of your buttock, back, side and pelvic muscles too which can increase your overall flexibility. You can work your core muscles by performing lunges, squats and planks which are all forms of exercises to strengthen the relevant muscle groups.

Sitting for long periods

Many office workers who sit in their chair for long periods are prone to receiving back pain. This is because they don’t sit in an upright position and often slouch in their chair causing their …

Benefits Of Adding More Vitamin D Into Your Diet

Benefits Of Adding More Vitamin D Into Your Diet

Vitamin D has several important functions for our bodies. Whilst regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, it’s also important for the development of bones and teeth as well as fighting against certain diseases. If your body doesn’t get enough vitamin D, then you’re at risk of multiple health problems, such as fragile bones and teeth problems.

Often called the “sunshine vitamin”, vitamin D is produced naturally within your body when directly exposed to sunlight, but in countries where there isn’t sun all year round, most people are deficient in vitamin D. Adding vitamin D into your diet has many different benefits for your health, and here are some examples.

Fighting Disease

As well as its primary benefits, vitamin D can also help reduce the risk of fighting certain diseases. Studies have shown that by getting the recommended daily amount of vitamin D you can reduce your risk of developing flu and the common cold. Often, reports of cold and flu cases are at their highest during the winter months, when natural sunlight is at its lowest. If you boost your vitamin D levels in the winter by taking probiotics capsules or by eating vitamin D rich foods, you can …

Easy Tricks to Overcome Eyelashes that are Not Flattened and Not Thick

Easy Tricks to Overcome Eyelashes that are Not Flattened and Not Thick

Already often use an eyelash curler and mascara but your eyelashes look less flattened? In addition to the condition of the eyelashes are less good, some of the following may be the cause. Find out also how easy to overcome it to make eyelashes look more easily curved.

  1. Damp Eyelashes

On a hot day, of course, the face will be easy to be greasy with sweat. This condition tends to make the eyelashes so wet exposed sweat due to high humidity air. This could be one of the reasons why eyelashes look down and so it’s hard to clamp. Likewise with the condition of wet eyelashes after bathing or using a lot of skincare products, will make it difficult clamped. For more information, please visit Volume Eyelash Extension.

  1. Broken Eyelashes

Not only hair that can be damaged, eyelashes can also be damaged due to makeup products are used. Especially if you clamp eyelashes and wear mascara as well as fake eyelashes every day. Of course, this condition can make your eyelashes become less healthy, rough, and easy to fall out.

  1. Eyelash Curler is Too Old

Remember, when was the last time you bought it? If it has been too …