Top five sports to perform this coming winter

Top five sports to perform this coming winter

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Due to the extremely cold temperature in winter, it is tempting to stay indoors, sipping tea and avoid engaging in physical activities like sports and exercise. If you choose to tow that path this coming winter, you have a lot to miss.

Here are the top five sports to enjoy this coming winter.

1.               Ice Hockey

As the name implies, this contact sport is commonly played in the winter on the ice. Ice Hockey is a fast-paced sport played by two teams of six skaters each. Members of each team try to shoot a rubber puck with a specially made stick into the opponent’s net to score a goal. The team with the highest number of goals wins the game. Believed to have originated in the United Kingdom between the 18th and 19th century, ice hockey is best played between friends and acquaintances. The game’s highest governing body is the International Ice Hockey Federation.

2.               Ski jumping

Originating from Norway, ski jumping is one of the most popular winter sports in the world. It is played on ice tracks in winter and played on artificial surfaces in summer. Players play by descending from a take-off ramp, jumping and flying as much as they can. Ski jumping can be played alone or in a team, points are awarded based on the jump distance and how far the players can fly.

3.               Snowboarding

This winter sport is played using a board attached to the player’s feet. The player plays by descending from a snow-covered slope while standing on a board. Snowboarding shares similarities with skateboarding, skiing, surfing and sledging may have inspired its invention. One major advantage of this winter sport is that it is easy to learn although you need laser focus dedication to achieve its mastery and play at a professional level. You need ski socks, gloves, snow pants, coat, and goggles to enjoy the sport.

4.          Alpine Skiing

Also known as downhill skiing, alpine skiing is simply played by sliding down snow-covered hills using skis equipped with fixed-heel bindings. This winter sport began in the year 1861 in Australia and can be played alone or competitively in a group. Master this sport and you may earn a place in the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships, Winter Olympics and the World cup.

5.      Skeleton.

Far from what its name suggests, this winter sport is played by riding on a small sled on a frozen track. Skeleton derive its name from the sled which is bony in appearance. It made its first entry into the Winter Olympics in the year 2002 and has been growing in popularity ever since. Skeleton is perhaps the only winter sport played while lying face down.

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