How to find legal DNA testing near me?

How to find legal DNA testing near me?

Much is said about protecting a woman from a man’s attacks, but what should a man who is accused of being the father of a baby do when he knows it is not true? Although this fact is not usually exposed, many men often search for “legal DNA testing near me when they are threatened by a woman who claims that they are the father of her children. The problem is that in some countries the woman’s word is more important, so men have to perform a paternity test legally to avoid fatherly duties. If they do not, the woman could strengthen her allegations, damaging the man’s reputation with his family, friends, and co-workers, irreversibly. In these cases, it is best to act before things get out of control.

You need a certified laboratory

In some countries, there are small laboratories that usually take the DNA samples and send them to a larger laboratory for analysis. Although for the client it is the small lab that performs the analysis, in reality, this is not the case. This procedure does not work in case you need to use these results to defend yourself before a judge. The reason is very simple to explain. In order for a judge to admit the results of a paternity test, the samples must have been taken by and kept in the custody of an authorized person. In addition, the results issued by the laboratory must be sent directly to the judge. If another laboratory is involved, the chain of custody is broken and the results are not legally admissible. The good news is that on the Internet you can find some accredited laboratories.

What should you do after the verdict?

Once you have established that you are not the father of a child and therefore have no responsibilities of any kind, the judge will give you a document detailing everything discussed at the trial and the final decision made by the judge. It is important that you keep this documentation very well and that you make a high-quality photocopy of it. The photocopy is the one you will have with you at all times. Although it does not happen often, the woman who originally accused a man of being the father of her children with the intention of publicly damaging his image, has put some men on the streets. With the help of the documentation issued by the judge, you will request help from law enforcement to keep her away from you.

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