Common Causes Of Back Pain and How To Treat It

Common Causes Of Back Pain and How To Treat It

Back pain is not a rare occurrence. There are many reasons why you can gain back pain and most of them will be some that you can easily avoid. You might not think it but some of the main reasons why you gain back pain are developed from generic everyday activities and they can seriously affect the health of your spine. Straining and spraining your back from heavy lifting and accidents are also common causes.

Not Working Your Core

Core exercises can be performed just about anywhere, they don’t necessarily have to be performed in the gym because they don’t require weights. Although they relate to working your abdominal muscles, they’re components of many other parts of the body too. They’re composed of your buttock, back, side and pelvic muscles too which can increase your overall flexibility. You can work your core muscles by performing lunges, squats and planks which are all forms of exercises to strengthen the relevant muscle groups.

Sitting for long periods

Many office workers who sit in their chair for long periods are prone to receiving back pain. This is because they don’t sit in an upright position and often slouch in their chair causing their spinal cord to become brittle. You can read more here about the advised position to sit in when sitting at a desk. If your job role requires you to work in an office, look to take regular breaks so you’re active and allow blood to flow for longer periods of time.

Large Breasts

Many women find that although a natural process, developing large breasts can strain their upper back muscles causing them to slouch and affect the bone structure in their back. Without the right support from muscles around the shoulder and neck, it can apply extra pressure to the chest which causes severe pain and hinders the ability to have a good posture. There are several options for women to overcome this. There are many clinics that specialise in breast reduction Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and London based who can offer the opportunity to get breast reduction surgery. Alternatively, you can purchase customised bras that can provide the proper comfort and support for your breasts and relieve any pain that you have when wearing regular bras.

Emotional Stress

Studies have been conducted to test whether mental health has an effect on back and spine pain. The results showed that when an individual is going through deep depression they’re more likely to gain shoulder and back problems because of a stress hormone that’s released which causes tension in the area and causes them to spasm. You can help to prevent such a state by participating in regular exercise or meditation activities. Alternatively, antidepressant medication can be taken if prescribed by a qualified doctor which can help to ease stress.

Having regular back pain issues that aren’t treated within a reasonable time can cause major issues in the future and should be eradicated sooner rather than later. You can seek help through physiotherapists or consult a doctor if problems persist. Simply reviewing your everyday activities can also be beneficial as it can help determine where you may be causing stress to your back. Using these tips will help you to treat them.

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